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Project Description

The Fast MVVM is a Framework that provides to you the faster way to get starting in the Model View ViewModel pattern. It has a set of Visual Studio Templates that will make your life easier, like:

- Project Templates

- View and ViewModel Templates

Working with:

- Visual Studio 2010

- Silverlight 4

- Windows Phone 7


- Windows 8*

(* under construction)


Less Code*:

Use the Auto-Implemented Properties as you always do:

The Notify is used as [Atributes], generating a Cleanning code to notify the properties change.

* This feature uses the Reflection.Emit, so it's not possible on Windows Phone yet.


Download here the last version setup. When you open it, just click Next some times.

Get Starting

After installed the Fast MVVM Framework, the templates will be found at the Visual Studio:

Creating this project, you should have something like this:

To create a "Fast MVVM View and ViewModel" item, always do it by right clicking at the project root.

A "Fast MVVM View and ViewModel" will create 3 files:


Now, you are ready to work in your application, using you knowledge. All the created class comes with comments that help you to work with MVVM.

We are working to make a complete MVVM tutorial (independent of tecnology) to you. Soon!

Set of Classes

On create a "Fast MVVM Project", you can see that it contains a Dependency folder. This folder has a DLL with the namespace: "FastMVVM.Core"

At this namespace can be found a set of classes that will help you:

- ObservableObject
- DebugBinding
- ViewModelBase
- ViewModelFactory
- IView

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